Subject: Criteria for Remote Access to LSU Libraries Electronic Databases

Purpose: To specify restrictions on remote access to electronic products relative to adjunct appointments

Licensing restrictions are not arbitrary. The Libraries must adhere to the legally binding provisions set forth in the license agreements for subscription electronic products. Abridging these restrictions can result in loss of access; the Libraries have experienced loss of access periodically due to users violating restrictions. Access is not restored until the Libraries can verify that the violations have been corrected.

LSU Libraries' licensing agreements with vendors of electronic products stipulate eligible clientele or the product's user community. Gratis adjunct faculty members who are not salaried LSU employees or who do not receive LSU collaborative grant money are not eligible for remote access to databases. Gratis adjunct faculty with teaching and research responsibilities who receive LSU collaborative funding may remotely access the Libraries databases during the period in which they are funded.

The Libraries strives to provide access to electronic databases in a fair and constructive manner while honoring our legal commitments to vendors. Hence gratis adjunct faculty may access our databases on campus, within the LSU Libraries, or from faculty offices or on-campus computer labs.

Faculty members may contact the Head of the LSU Libraries Circulation Department if they have questions regarding their status. Cases in doubt or subject to review may be referred to the Head, Reference and Collection Development and/or the Dean of Libraries - the Dean reserves the right to make the ultimate decision in these cases.