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Ecology Abstracts focuses on how organisms of all kinds - microbes, plants, and animals - interact with their environments and with other organisms. Included are relevant papers on evolutionary biology, economics, and systems analysis as they relate to ecosystems or the environment, and is updated monthly. Major areas of coverage include: algae/lichens, animals, annelids, aquatic ecosystems, arachnids, arid zones, birds, brackish water, bryophytes/pteridophytes, coastal ecosystems, conifers, conservation, control, crustaceans, ecosystem studies, fungi, grasses, grasslands, high altitude environments, human ecology, insects, legumes, mammals, management, microorganisms, molluscs, nematodes, paleo-ecology, plants, pollution studies, reptiles, river basins, soil, taiga/tundra, terrestrial ecosystems, vertebrates, wetlands, and woodlands. Journals indexed by this database.
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