The purpose of this group is to support the publishing goals of LSU Librarians. In this role, the Writers Group includes core members that are available to review manuscripts (and, as of summer 2009, presentations) and provide suggestions in regard to direction, style, and mechanics, as well as possible venues for submission. The Writers' Group will hold writers' workshops to review submitted manuscripts. Also, in order to develop LSU Librarians into accomplished writers, writing development seminars will be scheduled upon request.

For further information, contact a member of the committee.

An article was written by the founding members of the committee which explains its formation and development:

Kelly Blessinger, Stephanie Braunstein, Alice Daugherty and Paul Hrycaj. "Formation of an Academic Writing Group at Louisiana State University Libraries: Background, Guidelines and Lessons Learned.” Codex: The Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL 1.2 (2010): 18-40.