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Schwing Lecture Series

The Schwing Library Lecture Series was begun in March, 1965, as the LSU Library Lectures. In 1981, the title was changed to honor Ella V. Schwing (1902-1982), who had sponsored the series since 1966. The lectures served as a source of enrichment for the library community and as a means of highlighting the significant role of libraries in the academic environment.

About Ella V. Aldrich Schwing
Ella V. Aldrich Schwing (1902-1982), librarian and educator, was a distinguished alumna of Louisiana State University. She held an A.B. degree in English and chemistry from LSU, an M.A. in comparative literature from LSU, and a B.S. in library science from Columbia University. In recognition of her many contributions to scholarship, Mrs. Schwing was presented an honorary doctorate in civil law by the University of the South in 1970 and an honorary doctorate in library science by LSU in 1974.

Her professional career included classroom teaching in Louisiana high schools, work as a librarian at LSU, membership in the faculty of the LSU Library School, and leadership of the LSU Department of Books and Libraries of the College of Arts and Sciences. She authored a textbook in user instruction entitled Using Books and Libraries.

Mrs. Schwing was a life member of the American Library Association, a president of the Louisiana Library Association, and a member of the Southwestern Library Association. She was inducted into honorary societies including Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Phi Mu, Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Lambda Pi, and Kappa Delta.

Her service to LSU included membership in the Board of Supervisors, the LSU Foundation, and the Executive Board of Friends of the LSU Library. Mrs. Schwing contributed to education in Louisiana through her work as regional director of the Association of Governing Boards of State Colleges and Universities. She served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation and Episcopal High School, the Board of Trustees of the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, Inc., the Board of Trustees of the Baton Rouge Little Theater, the Board of Directors of the Baton Rouge Gallery, and the Board of Directors of the Young Women's Christian Organization.

Chronological List of Schwing Lectures

  • * 1999, James G. Neal, "The Entrepreneurial Imperative," October 28, 1999.
  • 1997, Dr. Daniel D. Barron,"Distributed Library Service: Role Shifts or Role Evolution." October 7, 1997.
  • *1995, Dr. Jerry Campbell, "New Models for Library Service: What the Crystal Ball Reveals About the Library of teh 21st Century," October 5, 1995.
  • * 1994, Clifford A. Lynch, "Research Libraries, Information Professionals and the Networked Information Revolution," September 29, 1994.
  • 1989, Richard Dougherty, "Responding to the Changing Economics of Journal Publishing."
  • 1988, Ching-Chih Chen,"Project Emperor I: A Summary of the Presentations and Demonstration Given as the 57th LSU Libraries Lecture," 1988.
  • 1988, Toni Carbo Bearman, "Information Policy: Past, Present and Future."
  • 1987, Charles R. McClure, "Management Data for Library Decision Making: The Role of the Researcher," April 10, 1987.
  • 1986, Douglas L. Zweizig,"Measuring Library Effectiveness," April 1986.
  • 1986, Beverly P. Lynch,"Strategic Decision-Making: What We Say and What We Do," October 9, 1986.
  • 1985, Robert Wedgeworth, "Librarianship: The International Dimension."
  • 1985, Maxine H. Reneker, "The Matheson-Cooper Report: Transforming the Capabilities of Academic Research Libraries," November 1985.
  • 1984, Alexander Wilson,"Should We Deschool Librarianship?"
  • 1984, Kathleen de la Peña McCook, "The Information Policy Infrastructure: Issues to Consider."
  • 1981, Elizabeth Stone,"The Choice for Libraries: A Threatened Species or a Dynamic and Treasured Resource?"
  • 1981, Russell Shank,"Libraries in the People's Republic of China: Report of the Visit of An American Delegation."
  • 1981, John Y. Cole,"The Library of Congress and American Libraries: An Historical Perspective."
  • 1980, Ian R. Willison,"The English Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue in the Context of Retrospective Universal Bibliographic Control and Universal Availability of Publications."
  • 1980, John G. Lorenz,"A National Periodical Center: Plans and Prospects."
  • 1979, Martha Boaz, "The Third Revolution--The Information Explosion: Information Access in the Year 2000."
  • 1979, Valentina deBruin, "Closing the Card Catalog."
  • 1978, Barbara Evans Markuson,"Observations on State Library Network Development."
  • 1978, Manfred Kochen,"Alternative Futures of the Library and Information Professions in a Post-Industrial Age."
  • 1978, Lee Brawner, "The Fine Art of Associating: 'And Dewey created the Library Association and admonished members to serve it.'"
  • 1977, William J. Welsh,"Beyond the Task Force Review: Time For Decision at Library of Congress."
  • 1977, Thomas J. Galvin,"Access, Analysis, Accountability: Three Dimensions of the Client-Oriented Library."
  • 1977, Paul J. Fasana,"The Library Catalog: Problems and Prospects in an Age of Electronic Data Processing."
  • 1976, Richard L. Press,"The Shaken Realist: A Collection Development Officer Looks at the State of the Art in the Academic Research Library," 1976.
  • 1976, Carl M. Spaulding,"Getting the Most Out of Microforms," April 19, 1976.
  • 1976, Willa K. Baum, "The Expanding Role of the Librarian in Oral History," February 24, 1976.
  • 1975, Bessie B. Moore,"Where Have All the Simple Answers Gone?" January 31, 1975.
  • 1975, Judith F. Krug,"In Defense of Liberty: Extremism and Other Vices," April 17, 1975.
  • 1975, Jane Ellison,"Libraries and Unions," October 23, 1975.
  • 1974, Sylvia Lyons Render,"The Black Presence in the Library of Congress," March 1, 1974.
  • 1974, Harold Lancour,"The Education of Librarians for the Year 2001," April 19, 1974.
  • 1974, George M. Cunha,"The Management of Library Conservation," September 3, 1974.
  • 1974, Andrew D. Booth,"The Computer and the Library--Future Implications," November 25, 1974.
  • 1973, Bohdan S. Wynar,"Ordering Books for Academic Libraries: Some Myths and Realities," January 18, 1973.
  • 1973, Grover E. Murray,"Role of the Library in the University," November 9, 1973.
  • 1973, Richard L. O'Keeffe,"University Library Service to the Industrial and Research Communities," September 28, 1973.
  • 1973, Leslie W. Dunlap,"Beginnings of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science," March 30, 1973.
  • 1972, Paul Wasserman,"Engineering Change in Librarianship: From Revised Paradigm to Prototypes for the Future," March 24, 1972.
  • 1972, Harold Goldstein,"The Library Ladder and Library Education: Collision or Containment?" September 28, 1972.
  • 1972, Jack Dalton,"The Librarian of the University and His Education," October 30, 1972.
  • 1971, Benjamin E. Powell, "Literary Frauds and Forgeries," October 29, 1971
  • 1971, James B. Rhoads,"The Role of Archives in the 1970's," January 21, 1971.
  • 1971, William S. Dix,"Reflections in Adversity; or, How Do You Cut a Library Budget?" April 2, 1971.
  • 1970, James E. Skipper,"The University Library and Social Change," October 30, 1970.
  • 1970, Richard H. Dillon,"The Phantom of the Library: The Creative Subject Specialist," April 17, 1970.
  • 1969, Frederick R. Goff, "Rare Books--What and Why," May 16, 1969.
  • 1968, Thomas Shuler Shaw,"Compiling and Publishing Reference Books," December 6, 1968.
  • 1968, Robert H. Muller, "Undergraduate Libraries in Large Universities: Basic Policy Questions and Problems," May 3, 1968.
  • 1968, Lawrence W. Towner,"The Library and the Collector: The Newberry Library," March 1, 1968.
  • 1967, Wallace J. Bonk,"Myths and Realities in Library Education: The Blue Stamp Syndrome and the Library Schools," April 21, 1967.
  • 1967, John W. Cronin,"The National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging," January 6, 1967.
  • 1967, Robert A. Miller,"The Improvement of Book Collections for Academic Libraries," October 20, 1967.
  • 1967, Foster E. Mohrhardt,"Meeting National and International Library Needs," November 10, 1967.
  • 1966, Edward G. Holley,"The Trend to LC: Thoughts on Changing Library Classification Schemes," May 13, 1966
  • 1966, Maurice F. Tauber,"Some Experiences in Library Surveys and Classification," November 18, 1966.
  • 1966, Carl H. Pforzheimer,"Libraries Are More Than Books," March 4, 1966.
  • 1965, Joseph Becker, "Automation--Prospects and Implications for Libraries," October 1, 1965.
  • 1965, David Kaser,"Continuing Education in the Library Profession," March 5, 1965.
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