Middleton Library Research & Instruction Services

Collection Development Policy Statement

[LSU Libraries' Collection Development Policy Statement]

Purposes and Goals
The Research & Instruction Services Collection Development Policy is a subcomponent of the LSU Libraries' Collection Development Policy Overview. The LSU Libraries Research & Instruction Services print collection exists to support the research and service needs of the LSU community, support the goals of the LSU Libraries, and provide the tools and skills necessary to offer our clientele the greatest possible access to information resources, sources purchased and/or subscribed by the LSU Libraries and from outside sources. The print collection is located in room 141, Middleton Library.

The Libraries' collection development subject specialists, mainly located in Research & Instruction Services, are responsible for determining what materials are best suited for the collection, whether print or electronic access. Factors contributing to the purchase of a title include subject appropriateness, potential demand for materials within that area, the ability to provide off-campus access to electronic materials, and the potential for the LOUIS statewide consortium to consider purchasing electronic works.

The Reference materials normally will be limited to resources which provide 1) brief factual data or 2) citations or other means of finding information in another published source. Resources which require that the user do extensive reading, analysis, or contemplation will not be considered reference materials. For example, a dictionary of biography would be considered, while a book length biography of a single person would not.

Selection Policy
As with the LSU Libraries' overall policy, Research & Instruction Services's preferred purchase format is electronic content that is web-based or web accessible. Reasons cited for selecting electronic journals on page 4 in the LSU Libraries' Collection Development Policy Overview also apply when selecting electronic reference formats.

Print materials will be purchased if the electronic format is not available, is cost prohibitive, and/or the vendor does not provide favorable licensing terms. The purchase of multiple copies of print materials will not be considered.

The purchase of both electronic and print formats will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Collection Maintenance and Evaluation
The Research & Instruction Services's print collection will be evaluated in accordance with the general guidelines (p. 8-9) provided in the LSU Libraries' Collection Development Policy Overview. Evaluation and assessment will be performed on a continual basis. Materials may be transferred to the general collection and/or to the compact shelving area located in the Government Documents/Microforms Department. Obsolete materials, unnecessary duplicates, and other materials that no longer fit the Libraries' general collection criteria will be withdrawn from the collection.

Policy revised: May 12, 2014.