French Studies

Collection Development Policy - Supporting Information

[LSU Libraries' Collection Development Policy Statement]

Curriculum Program Descriptions Additionally, the B.A. in French can be pursued with a concentration in secondary education through coursework in the College of Education.
See Humanities Majors: Secondary Education Concentration.

Degrees Awarded
Degrees offered by the Dept. of French Studies are the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in French. For detailed information on number of degrees conferred in a specific discipline in a given year, see the Office of Budget and Planning's Graduating Class Profile page, Graduates by College, Degree Level, Curriculum, Racial/Ethnic Category and Gender.

Research Areas
See individual faculty pages.

The department is affiliated with the French Studies is one of the academic programs designated as "foundations of excellence" by the university.

Scope of LSU Libraries' Collecting
Library acquisitions support teaching and research for all degree programs in French, with primary emphasis on language, literature, and cultural studies. Geographic areas of focus are France and Francophone regions of Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. Current books on Louisiana topics, or by Francophone authors of Louisiana, are usually acquired for Middleton Library as well as for the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections in Special Collections (see separate policy for LLMVC). The predominant languages of collecting are English and French. Material in other languages may be acquired in response to specific requests from faculty members.

In addition to supporting the degree programs in the Dept. of French Studies, material acquired under this policy may at times support courses and/or programs of other academic departments, including interdisciplinary programs such as linguistics, women's and gender studies, African and African American studies, international studies, and film studies. This policy does not cover children's and young people's literature in French.

Although holdings of the Center for French and Francophone Studies appear in LSU Libraries' online catalog, they are unconnected to the Libraries' collecting policies.

** For more information about collection development for this discipline, please contact the appropriate subject librarian.