LSU Libraries Subscriptions Cancellations for 2010

Adapted physical activity quarterly : APAQ 0736-5829 RM695 .A32
Adolescence 0001-8449 HQ796 .A35 
Advanced imaging (Woodbury, NY) 1042-0711 TK8315 .A37 
Advanced technology libraries 0044-636X Z699 .A1 A38
Advances in applied probability 0001-8678 QA273 .A34 
Adweek 0199-2864 HF5801 .A43
AI Magazine 0738-4602 Q334 .A315 
Akzente: Zeitschrift fur Literatur 0002-3957 PT1141 .A2 A62
Amerasia journal 0044-7471 E184 .O6 A44 
American Catholic philosophical quarterly Association 1051-3558 B1 .N4 
American journal of clinical hypnosis 0002-9157 RC490 .A4 
American journal of mental retardation AJMR 0895-8017 RC326 .A415 
American journal of psychotherapy 0002-9564 RC321 .A54 
American journal of speech-language pathology 1058-0360 RC423 .A1 A43
Americas 0379-0940 F1401 .A57 
Ancient world 0160-9645 DE1 .A375 
Annales de geographie 0003-4010 G1 .A6 116E 
Annales historiques de la Revolution francaise 0003-4436 DC139 .A62 
Annals of nutrition metabolism 0250-6807 QP141 .A1 N78 
Anthos (Zurich, Switzerland) 0003-5424 SB469 .A65 
Anthropologica 0003-5459 E78 .C2 A53
Anthropos (Salzburg, Austria) 0257-9774 GN1 .A7 102 
Antike Kunst 0003-5688 N5320 .A55 
Apidologie 0044-8435 SF521 .A66 
Appraisal journal 0003-7087 HD251 .A7 
APT communique 1062-6190 TH3401 .A89
Archeologia 0570-6270 CC3 .A65 
Archivio storico italiano 0004-0339 DG401 .A7 
Arctic anthropology 0066-6939 GN1 .A82 
Argumentation and advocacy: the journal of the American Forensic Association 1051-1431 PN4177 .A44
ASHA leader 1085-9586 RC423 .A1 A84
Asian affairs 0306-8374  
Astronomie Societe astronomique de France  0004-6302 QB1 .A522 
Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) 0743-4618  
Australasian plant pathology (APP) 0815-3191 SB721 .A801 
Australian academic and research libraries 0004-8623 Z675 .U5 A9
Australian forestry 0004-9158 SD1 .A93 
Australian journal of agricultural research 0004-9409 S17 .A94 
Australian journal of anthropology 1035-8811 GN1 .M35 
Australian journal of dairy technology 0004-9433 SF221 .A882
Australian journal of management 0312-8962 HD28 .A83
Automotive engineering international 1543-849X TL1 .S5 
Automotive industries (Radnor, Pa) 1099-4130 TL1 .A6 
Babel revue internationale de la traduction (international journal of translation) 0521-9744 PN241 .A1 B15 
Baltic astronomy 1392-0049 QB1 .B25 
Banking law journal 0005-5506 K2 .A58 
Behavioral disorders 0198-7429 LB1051 .B312 
BELGEO 0770-0717 G19 .B45 
Biblical theology bulletin 0146-1079 BS410 .B775 
Bibliografiia (Moscow, Russia) 0869-6020 Z1007 .S67 
Biblioteche oggi 0392-8586 Z809 .A1 B49 
BIBLIOtheque s revue de lAssociation des bibliothecaires francais 1632-9201 Z797 .A1 A77 
Bilingual review (La Revista bilingue) 0094-5366 P115 .B54 
Black history bulletin 0028-2529 E185.5 .N383
Boreas 0300-9483  
Bow arrow hunting 0894-7856 GV1185 .B65
Bowhunting world 1043-5492 GV1185 .A68
British journal of clinical psychology 0144-6657 RC467 .B74 
British journal of social psychology 0144-6665 HM251 .B74 
British national bibliography 0007-1544 Z2001 .B75
Bronte Society transactions 0309-7765 PR4168 .A4 
Bulletin- American Astronomical Society 0002-7537 QB1 .A2485 
Bulletin de la Societe de linguistique de Paris 0037-9069 P12 .S4 T.101
Bulletin de lAssociation de geographes francais 0004-5322 G11 .A8 84E 
Bulletin of the atomic scientists 0096-3402 TK9145 .A84
Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society 0009-3564 QL640 .C5 
Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester 0301-102X Z921 .M18 B 
Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic 0025-9284 RC321 .M4 
Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society 0082-2930 F381 .T32 
Business economics (Cleveland, Ohio) 0007-666X HD30.22 .B87
Cahiers de civilisation medievale 0007-9731 CB3 .C3 50E 
Cahiers doutre-mer 0373-5834 G1 .C15 60E 
Cahiers du monde russe 1252-6576 DK1 .C2 
Cahiers du Musee national dart moderne 0181-1525 N6490 .P27A
California CPA 1530-4035 HF5601 .C33
California fish and game 0008-1078 SK373 .C3 
Canadian biosystems engineering Print 1492-9058 S671 .C36
Canadian forest industries 0318-4277 TS800 .C3 
Canadian geographic 0706-2168 G1 .C3 
Canadian journal of plant pathology 0706-0661 SB599 .C34 
Canadian review of comparative literature comparee 0319-051X PN851 .C35 
Canadian review of sociology and anthropology  0008-4948 GN1 .C32 
Canadian Slavonic papers 0008-5006 PG6 .C3 
Canadian theatre review 0315-0836 PN2001 .C35 
Canadian-American Slavic studies  0090-8290 DK1 .C353 
Caravelle (Toulouse, France) 0008-0152 F1401 .C24 
Carbonates and evaporites 0891-2556 QE471 .C37 
Career development quarterly 0889-4019 HF5381 .A1 
Carologue 1544-5801 F266 .C37 
Cataloging service bulletin 0160-8029 Z693 .A15 C37
CEA Critic 0007-8069 PE1011 .C22 
Cereal chemistry 0009-0352 TP1 .C317 
Cervantes 0277-6995 PQ6337 .A26 
Chain store age 1087-0601 HF5468 .A1 C413 
Challenge 0577-5132 HC101 .N533
Children schools 1532-8759 LB3013.4 .S62 
Childrens magazine guide 0743-9873 Z6944 .C5 S93 
Christianity literature 0148-3331 PN49 .C49
Christianity today 0009-5753 BR1 .C6418 
Chronicles of Oklahoma 0009-6024 F691 .C55 
Cleft palate-craniofacial journal 1055-6656 RD525 .C55 
Clio 0884-2043 AS30 .C53 
College composition and communication 0010-096X PE1001 .C6 
College media review 0739-1056 LH1 .C55 
Commonwealth and comparative politics 1466-2043
Community development (Columbus, Ohio) 1557-5330 HN1 .C63
Compel 0332-1649
Computer graphics world 0271-4159 T385 .C558 
Computers in libraries 1041-7915 Z678.9 .A1 S6 
Contemporary review (London, England) 0010-7565 AP4 .C7 
Corella 0155-0438 QL693 .C67 
Coronica 0193-3892 PQ6001 .C65 
Corporate taxation (New York, N Y) 1534-715X HJ4653 .C7 
Corrections Today 0190-2563 HV7231 .P853 
Corrosion 0010-9312 TA462 .C65 
Counselor education and supervision 0011-0035 LB1027.5 .C675
Creation 0819-1530 BS651 .E91 
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 1040-8398 TP368 .C46
Cryptologia 0161-1194 Z102.5 .C79 
Culture and religion 1475-5610 BL65 .C8 C83 
CUPA-HR journal 1046-9508 LB2341 .C35 
Current 0011-3131 AP2 .C9259 
Current bibliography on African affairs 0011-3255 Z3503 .C875 
Current mathematical publications 0361-4794 QA1 .C792 
Cytologia 0011-4545 QH301 .C9 
D H Lawrence review 0011-4936 PR6023 .A93 Z6234
Daily news record 1041-1119 TT490 .D34
Dairy foods 0888-0050 SF221 .D4 
Death studies 0748-1187
Delta Pi Epsilon journal 0011-8052 HF1101 .D38 
Deutsche Sprache 0340-9341 PF3003 .D48 
Developmental neuropsychology 8756-5641 QP360 .D485 
Diderot studies 0070-4806 PQ1979 .D495
Diverse issues in higher education 1557-5411 LC2781 .B464
Eastern anthropologist 0012-8686 GN1 .E15
Economic and social review 0012-9984 HC257 .I6 E26 
Economy and society 0308-5147
Editor publisher 0013-094X PN4700 .E43 
Educational horizons 0013-175X L11 .E37 
Educational media international 0952-3987
Educational technology (Saddle Brook, N J) 0013-1962 LB1043 .E355 
Egg industry (Mount Morris, Ill) 0896-2804 SF481 .P778 
Electronics world (Sutton London England) 0959-8332 TK5700 .W55 
Emerita 0013-6662 PA9 .E5 T.74 
English language notes 0013-8282 PE1 .E53 
English literature in transition 0013-8339 PR1 .E55 
English studies 0013-838X
English world-wide 0172-8865 PE1701 .E54
Eos 0096-3941 QE500 .A6 
Equity & excellence in education (University of Massachusetts School of Education journal) 1066-5684
Estreno 0097-8663 PQ6115 .E79 
Estudios geograficos 0014-1496 G1 .E96 
Etc a review of general semantics 0014-164X B840 .E85 
Ethnologia Europaea 0425-4597 GN1 .E78 
Ethnos 0014-1844
Etudes rurales 0014-2182 HN1 .E85 
Etz 0170-1711 TK3 .E81 
Euphorion (Heidelberg, Germany) 0014-2328 PN4 .D49
Eurasian geography and economics 1538-7216 G1 .S65 
Evolutionary ecology research 1522-0613 QH540 .E865 
Exchange on HIV AIDS sexuality and gender 1871-7551 RA644 .A25 A3633 
Exemplaria 1041-2573 PN661 .E94 
Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N J) 1535-3702 QP1 .S8 
Fabula Zeitschrift fur Erzahlforschung (journal of folktale studies) 0014-6242 GR1 .F25
Families in society: the journal of contemporary human services 1044-3894 HV1 .J56 
Family therapy 0091-6544 RC488.5 .A1 F33
Far Eastern economic review 0014-7591 HC411 .F18
Fiber organon 0040-5132 HD9929.5 .U6 T4 
Film criticism 0163-5069 PN1993 .F4183 
Fitopatologia brasileira 0100-4158 SB599 .F552
Flying 0015-4806 TL501 .P6 
Folia linguistica 0165-4004 P9 .F65
Folia primatologica 0015-5713 QL737 .P9 F6 
Food engineering 1522-2292 TX341 .F87
Food processing 0015-6523 TP373 .F55
Food protection trends 1541-9576 TX501 .D34 
Foreign service journal 0146-3543 JX1 .A53 
Forest Landowner 0015-7406 SD144 .A15 F5 
Forum fur Bibliothek und Information (BuB) 0340-0301 Z671 .B745 
Forum italicum 0014-5858 PC1001 .F2
Friedens-Warte blatter fur internationale Verstandigung und zwischenstaatliche Organisation 0340-0255 JX1903 .F7 
Futurist 0016-3317 CB158 .F88 
Gai saber 0047-4916 PC3381 .G34 
Gallup poll briefing 1930-224X HM261 .G35
Gefiederte Welt 0016-5816 QL671 .G465 
Geographie 1627-4911 G1 .S553
Geographie physique et quaternaire 0705-7199 G1 .R42
Georgia review 0016-8386 AP2 .G375 
GeoWorld 1528-6274 G70.2 .G575 
Geriatrics 0016-867X RC966 .G4 
Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift 0016-8904 PB3 .G3 
Germanistik 0016-8912 Z2235 .A2 G4 
Geschichte und Gesellschaft (Vandenhoeck Ruprecht) 0340-613X H5 .G42 
Giornale storico della letteratura italiana 0017-0496 PQ4001 .G5
Glotta zeitschrift fur griechische und lateinische sprache 0017-1298 PA3 .G5
Great Lakes entomologist 0090-0222 QL461 .M47 
Groupwork 0951-824X HV45 .G733
Guernsey breeders journal 0017-5110 SF199 .G8 G7 
Hai yang hs ueh pao (English) 0253-505X GC1 .H35 
Harvard health letter 1052-1577 RC81 .A1 H35
Harvard Library bulletin 0017-8136 Z881 .H3403
Herodote 0338-487X G1 .H47 
HFN 1082-0310 HF5001 .R45
High country news (Lander, Wyo) 0191-5657 S900 .H5
Hispamerica 0363-0471 PQ7081 .A1 H57
Homme et la societe 0018-4306 HM1 .H64 
Hopkins quarterly 0094-9086 PR4803 .H44 Z649 
Hospitality design 1062-9254 NA7800 .R47 
HR focus American Management Associations human resources publication 1059-6038 HF5549 .A2 P38 
Human development 0018-716X RC952 .A2 V83 
Human organization 0018-7259 GN1 .H83
Humanist 0018-7399 B821 .A1 H8
Humanity & society 0160-5976 HM1 .H86
Humboldt journal of social relations 0160-4341 HN65 .H854
ICIS chemical business Americas 1936-458X TP1 .O4
ID 0894-5373 TS1 .I515 
Impact Career Development Group 0004-5152 Z671 .L691
Indexer 0019-4131 Z695.9 .I5
Industrial management (Des Plaines, Ill) 0019-8471 HD28 .I43 
Infection and immunity 0019-9567 QR1 .I485 
Institutional investor 0020-3580 HG4501 .I58 
Instructor 1532-0200 LB11 .I56 
InTech 0192-303X TA165 .A14 
Intellectual and developmental disabilities publication of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 1934-9491 RC569.7 .M46 
Internal auditor 0020-5745 HF5667 .I52 
International abstracts of human resources: a guide to the literature of management human resources and personnel 1542-8397 HF5549 .A2 P452 
International cataloguing and bibliographic control quarterly bulletin of the IFLA UBCIM Programme 1011-8829 Z693 .I525 
international forestry review 1465-5489 SD1 .I55
International gymnast (Santa Monica, Calif) 0891-6616 GV461 .M63
International history review 0707-5332 D1 .I52 
International journal 0020-7020 D839 .I5
International journal of instructional media 0092-1815 LB1043 .I574 
International journal of psychology  0020-7594
International journal of sociology of the family 0020-7667 HQ1 .I53 
International philosophical quarterly 0019-0365 B1 .I2 
International review of the aesthetics and sociology of music 0351-5796 ML5 .I6837 
International social science review 0278-2308 H1 .S55
Interpretation 0020-9635 JA26 .I57 
Iranian Studies 0021-0862
Irish forestry journal of the Society of Irish Foresters 0021-1192 SD1 .I75
Islamic quarterly 0021-1842 D198 .I8 
ITE journal 0162-8178 HE331 .T7 
Jahrbuch fur Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Review of economics) 0948-5139 H9 .J18
Jahrbucher fur Geschichte Osteuropas 0021-4019 D1 .J3 
Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung 0012-0456 QA1 .D4
Jewish journal of sociology 0021-6534 DS101 .J4657
Job training and placement report 1041-1488 HD7255 .A2 I52
Journal / the English Place-Name Society 1351-3095 DA645 .A35
Journal de la Societe des americanistes 0037-9174 E51 .S68
Journal of advanced materials 1070-9789 TL950 .S583 
Journal of African American history 1548-1867 E185 .J86 
Journal of agricultural biological and environmental statistics 1085-7117 S566.55 .J68 
Journal of Alabama archaeology 0449-2153 E78 .A28 J55 
Journal of alcohol and drug education 0090-1482 HV5125 .J68 
Journal of apicultural research 0021-8839 SF521 .J65 
Journal of applied meteorology (Boston, Mass) 0894-8763 QC851 .A66
Journal of applied sport psychology 1041-3200
Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 0899-7659 QL 120 J68 
Journal of basic writing 0147-1635 PE1404 .J68 
Journal of business strategy 0275-6668 HD28 .J593 
Journal of career planning employment 0884-5352 LB2343.5 .S36 
Journal of chromatographic science 0021-9665 QD272 .C4 J66 
Journal of clinical endocrinology metabolism 0021-972X RC648 .A1 E45
Journal of college admissions - journal of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors 0734-6670 LB2343 .A833 
Journal of comparative family studies 0047-2328 HQ1 .J44 
Journal of comparative social welfare 1748-6831
Journal of cooperative education 0022-0132 LB1029 .C6 J63
Journal of court reporting 1057-5847 Z54 .N24 
Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics JDBP 0196-206X RJ1 .J17 
Journal of drug issues 0022-0426 HV5800 .J68 
Journal of employment counseling 0022-0787 HF5381 .A1 J63 
Journal of endocrinology 0022-0795 QP187 .A1 J6 
Journal of energy and development 0361-4476 HD9502 .A1 J67
Journal of environmental horticulture 0738-2898 SB118.48 .J68 
Journal of ethnobiology 0278-0771 GN476.7 .J68
Journal of general management 0306-3070 HD28 .J595 
Journal of general virology 0022-1317 QR360 .J665 
Journal of housing and community development 1534-648X HD7285 .J68 
Journal of imperial and commonwealth history 0308-6534
Journal of individual psychology 1522-2527 BF1 .I41 
Journal of industrial teacher education 0022-1864 LB1736 .J67 
Journal of Jewish communal service 0022-2089 HV1 .J4 
Journal of lipid research 0022-2275 QP751 .J65
Journal of marital and family therapy 0914-472X HQ1 .J47
Journal of micropalaeontology 0262-821X QE719 .J68 
Journal of Negro education 0022-2984 LC2701 .J6 
Journal of nematology 0022-300X QL386 .A1 J66
Journal of parapsychology 0022-3387 BF1001 .J66
Journal of peasant studies 0306-6150
Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics 0022-3565 RM1 .J68 
Journal of property management 0022-3905 TX955 .J68 
Journal of psychoactive drugs 0279-1072 R483.5 .H3 J685
Journal of pulp and paper science transactions of the Technical Section 0826-6220 TS1080 .P86
Journal of rehabilitation 0022-4154 HD7255 .A2 N35
Journal of research on technology in education JRTE 1539-1523 LB1028.5 .A215 
Journal of sex & marital therapy 0092-623X
Journal of sex research 0022-4499 HQ5 .J6
Journal of sociology and social welfare 0191-5096 HN1 .J63 
Journal of solid waste technology and management 1088-1697 TD785 .J86 
Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern studies 0149-1784 DS41 .J63
Journal of spatial science 1449-8596 G70.212 .J68 
Journal of special education technology 0162-6434 LC4023 .J68 
Journal of Sport History 0094-1700 GV571 .J68 
Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness 0022-4707 RC1200 .J6 
Journal of studies on alcohol 0096-882X RC565 .R835 
Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior 0022-5002 BF1 .J69 
Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 1044-6753 Q11 .P4
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 0037-9751 BF1011 .I3 
Journal of the Southwest 0894-8410 F806 .A69 
Journal of transport economics and policy 0022-5258 HE1 .J597 
Journal of virology 0022-538X QR360 .J67 
Journal of visual impairment blindness 0145-482X HV1571 .O85 
Journal of wildlife diseases 0090-3558 SF997 .W55 
Jung journal culture psyche 1934-2039 BF109 .J8 J86
Kentucky libraries 0732-5452 Z732 .K4 K45
Kentucky warbler 0160-5070 QL684 .K4 K48
Kenyon review 0163-075X AP2 .K426 
Kipling journal the organ of the Kipling society 0023-1738 PR4856 .A14
Kiplinger letter forecasts for management decisionmaking 1528-7130 HC101 .K58
Knowledge organization (KO) 0943-7444 Z696 .I553 
Kredit und Kapital 0023-4591 HG999.5 .K7 40
Land economics 0023-7639 HB1 .J65 
Landscape history 0143-3768 SB470.5 .L36
Langage et societe 0181-4095 P41 .A1 L257 
Langages 0458-726X P2 .L36 
Langue francaise 0023-8368 PC2002 .L34 
Langues modernes 0023-8376 PB2 .L35
Latin American Indian literatures journal 0888-5613 PM151 .L38 
Latinitas commentarii linguae latinae excolendae 0023-883X PA2009 .L37 
Law library journal 0023-9283 K12 .A9364 
Learning disability quarterly 0731-9487 LC4704 .L431
Learning media and technology 1743-9884 LB1044.7 .J68 
Lettres quebecoises 0382-084X PQ3900 .L47 
Lettres romanes 0024-1415 PC2 .L4 
Liberal education 0024-1822 LB2300 .L53 
Library and Information Update 1476-7171 Z671 .L6932 
Library history 0024-2306 Z671 .L6985 
Library media connection LMC 1542-4715 Z675 .S3 B65
Library technology reports 0024-2586 Z669.7 .A4 
LiLi Zeitschrift fur Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik 0049-8653 P3 .Z36 
Linguistique 0075-966X P2 .L55
Literacy research and instruction 1938-8071 LB1050 .J63
Literary review 0024-4589 AP2 .L6377 
Literatur und Kritik 0024-466X PN4 .L52 
Literature film quarterly 0090-4260 PN1995.3 .L57 
Live design 1559-2359 PN2000 .L58
Local government studies 0300-3930
Logique et analyse 0024-5836 BC1 .L6 
London journal 0305-8034 DA688 .L63 
Machine design 0024-9114 TJ1 .M15 
Magazine antiques 0161-9284 NK1125 .A3 
Malahat review 0025-1216 AP5 .M343
Mankind quarterly 0025-2344 GN1 .M36 
Marine Corps gazette 0025-3170 VE7 .M4 
Marine digest and cargo business news 1547-478X HE561 .M24 
Marine resource economics 0738-1360 SH328 .M38 
Marine technology and SNAME news 0025-3316 VM1 .M496 
Mariner's Mirror 0025-3359 VK1 .M4 
Massachusetts review 0025-4878 AS30 .M3 A22 
Masthead 0025-5122 PN4700 .M3
Mathematics magazine 0025-570X QA1 .N35 
Measurement and evaluation in counseling and development 0748-1756 LB1027.5 .M38 
Meat poultry 0892-6077 HD9411 .W4 
Mediterranee revue geographique des pays Mediterraneens 0025-8296 D973 .A1 M38
Medium aevum 0025-8385 PB1 .M4 
Memorie della Societa astronomica italiana Journal of the Italian Astronomical Society 0037-8720 QB1 .S57
Memory (Hove, England) 0965-8211 BF371 .M448 
Mesoamerica (Antigua, Guatemala) 0252-9963 F1412 .M47
Mester 0160-2764 PQ6001 .M47
Meta 0026-0452 P306 .A1 M47 
Michigan botanist 0026-203X QK1 .M55 
Middle East report  0899-2851 DS42 .M46A
Midstream a monthly Jewish review 0026-332X DS149 .A336 
Midwestern miscellany 0885-4742 PS273 .M63
Migrant 0026-3575 QL684 .T2 M54 
Military collector historian 0026-3966 UC463 .M54 
Minnesota archaeologist 0026-5403 F608 .M5
MLA news 0541-5489 Z675 .M4 M12 
Modern schoolman 0026-8402 B1 .M675 
Moment 0099-0280 DS101 .M59
Momentum 0026-914X LC461 .M664 
Monde des cartes revue du Comite francais de cartographie 1634-3522 GA101 .C622 
Monde Selection hebdomadaire 0026-9360 NEWSPAPER 41
Monthly bulletin of statistics United Nations Statistical Division 0041-7432 HC57 .U66
Monthly bulletin Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries 1018-595X HD9578 .A55 O742 
Monthly notes of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa 0024-8266 QB1 .M66 
Monthly review 0027-0520 HX1 .M66 
MPLA newsletter 0145-6180 Z671 .M76 
Muttersprache 0027-514X PF3003 .M85 
National gardener 0027-9331 SB1 .N2947 
National parks 0276-8186 SB482 .A466 
National petroleum news 0149-5267 HD9560.1 .N3
National provisioner 0027-996X TS1950 .N3 
National weather digest 0271-1052 QC851 .N33
Nations health 0028-0496 RA421 .A5229
Natural areas journal: a quarterly publication of the Natural Areas Association 0885-8608 QH76 .J68 
Navigation 0028-1522 VK1 .N33
Negro educational review 0548-1457 LC2701 .N45
Neue Gesellschaft Frankfurter Hefte 0177-6738 H5 .N381 
New African 0142-9345 HC511 .A12 
New criterion 0734-0222 NX1 .N473
News media the law 0149-0737 KF2750 .A15 N48
Newsletter (Society for Historical Archaeology)  0037-9735 E11 .S63
Nieman reports 0028-9817 PN4700 .N57 
Noise control engineering journal 0736-2501 TD891 .N655 
Nonwovens industry 0163-4429 HD9869 .N64 F67 
North Carolina Folklore Journal 0090-5844 GR110 .N8 N6
North Dakota history 0029-2710 F631 .N862
Northeast anthropology 1068-9982 E75 .M35
Northern history 0078-172X DA20 .N67
Notes on contemporary literature 0029-4047 PN771 .N91
Nuova rivista storica 0029-6236 D1 .N8 
Observatory 0029-7704 QB1 .O273 
Occupational health safety 0362-4064 RC963 .A37 
OfficePro 1096-5807 HF5547 .A2 S395 
Ohio archaeologist 0048-153X E78 .O3 O28
Ohio Valley history: the journal of the Cincinnati Historical Society 1544-4058 F486 .H579
Oklahoma Archaeology 1071-6610 GN2 .O453 
Oklahoma librarian 0030-1760 Z732 .O572
Online 0146-5422 Z699 .A1 O54 
Online information review 1468-4527 Z699 .A1 O55 
Operations research management science 0030-3658 T57.6 .A1 O625
Oregon historical quarterly 0030-4727 F871 .O47 
Otechestvennaia istoriia 0869-5687 DK1 .A3275 
OTJR occupation participation and health 1539-4492 RM735 .A1 O334 
Outdoor life (Denver, Colo) 0030-7076 SK1 .O7 
Outre-mers revue dhistoire 1631-0438 JV1801 .R4 
Oxford review of education 0305-4985
Paperboard packaging 0031-1227 HF5770 .P4 
Papers on French seventeenth century literature 0343-0758 PQ243 .P35
Papers on language literature PLL 0031-1294 PR1 .P3 
Parks recreation 0031-2215 SB469 .P31 
Parlimentary Journal 0048-2994 JF515 .P25 
People management 1358-6297 HF5549 .A2 P36 
Perspective (Columbus, Ohio) 0745-3027 GV201 .J652 
Perspectives on work 1534-9276 HD4904 .P47
Petrophysics: the SPWLA journal of formation evaluation and reservoir description 1529-9074 TN871.35 L63 
Philosophy today 0031-8256 B1 .P576
Phonetica 0031-8388 P215 .P53 
Physiological reviews 0031-9333 QP1 .P45 
Pioneer America Society transactions (PAST) 0884-3309 E172 .P563
Plains Anthropologist 0032-0447 E78 .G73 P52 
Planning (Chicago, Ill) 0001-2610 HT101 .A57
Planning for higher education 0736-0983 LB2300 .P71 
Plant disease 0191-2917 SB599 .P952 
Plating and surface finishing 0360-3164 TS670 .A3 
Plays international 0268-2028 PN2001 .P587 
Pluralist (Champaign, Ill) 1930-7365 B828.5 .A1 P58
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