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Young Peoples Collection

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Always follow local DLC or Member copy cataloging procedures.

Additions to Bibliographic Record | Location | Classification Type Code | Call Number (DLC Copy) | Call Number (Member Copy) | Cutter | Physical Processing

Additions to Bibliographic Record

  • Add the following local notes where appropriate:
  •         590:  : |akeywords: math; literature
    590: : |akeywords: big book
    590: : |aEnglish as a Second Language (ESL) (Use for YP-ESL collection only.)
  • For foreign language collections, add the following:
  •        590:  : |a [Language] Children's Collection.  
           Example:       590:  : |a French Children's Collection.
           520:  : |a [Any summaries provided with book or summaries from records for English
  • For YBP award books, add an award note for each award appearing on the list of awards:
           586:  : |a [Name of award, date]
           Example:       586:  : |a ALA Notable Book for Children, 1996
    (There is no ending punctuation at the end of the 586 field)


  • Determine the location based on the type of material:
  • Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, and Newbery Medals and Awards are shelved in special designated location.
  • Honor Books are shelved in main YP collection.
  • 30 cm. and over is considered OVERSIZE, designated by adding OVER to the end of the call number.
  • Location Code Explanation
    YP Young People's Collection
    YPCALDECOT Caldecott Medal
    YP-ESL English as a Second Language (ESL) Collection
    YPKING Coretta Scott King Medal
    YPNEWBERY Newbery Medal
    YPFRENCH French Children's Collection
    YPGERMAN German Children's Collection
    YP-HIST Young People's Collection, Historical
    YPMISCLANG Misc. Foreign Language Collection (Chinese, etc.)
    YPSPANISH Spanish Children's Collection


Classification Type Code

  • Determine the classification type code based on the call number:


    Call Number Classification Type Code
    Dewey number DEWEY



Call Number (DLC Copy)

    • If DLC copy has 082/1:00: |a [Fic], assign the appropriate Dewey call number based on the original language of the item. Exception: Class all Foreign Language translations of children's literature in the number for the foreign language. Class an adaption in the number appropriate for the adaptor.


      Original Language Call Number
      American Literature in English (W. Hemisphere & Hawaii) 813
      English & Old English Literature (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, India & South Africa) 823
      German Literature 833
      French Literature 843
      Italian Literature 853
      Spanish Literature 863
      Other Consult


    • If DLC copy has 082/1:00: |a [E], assign the call number, Easy.
    • If DLC copy has 082/1:00: |a 398.2 |a [E], assign the folkore number (398.2s).
    • If DLC copy has 082/1:00: |a {Dewey Number}, accept the call number up to the first prime mark (/), except for the following:
      • If B appears in the second subfield |a of the 082 field, class the item as a biography using 920 (for collective biographies) or 921 (for individual biography).
      • Example:   082/1:00: |a 973.4/4/092 |a B
      • Do not use period notations (.51-.54) with any literature number (800s).



    Call Number (Member Copy)

    • Assign a call number based on the following table:


      Subject Matter of Book Call Number
      Picture books (Grade K-3) Easy
      Fiction (Grade 4 and up) See DLC table for Fic in 082 |a subfield
      Folklore, riddles, rhymes & rhyming games 398s
      Biography 920 (collective biography)
      921 (individual biography)
      Other Consult Abridged DDC (12th ed.)
      Remember to use Table 3 for literature




    1. Use cutters which have already been established for each number (Easy or 800) for literary authors. Cutters do not have to match across different call numbers.
    2. Assign new cutters using the Cutter-Sanborn Three Figure Author Table. Follow guidelines on page [1]. Cutters must fit into the existing online shelflist.
    3. Translations should be cutterred for the uniform title in the 240 field. When you have a member record with a 500 note about a translation, but does not have a 240, go ahead and add one.


      Main entry begins with consonant use single letter P
      Main entry begins with a vowel use two letters Ab
      Main entry begins with S use two letters Sm
      Main entry begins with Sc use three letters Scr
      Use an uppercase L in any cutter or workletter.


    Physical Processing

    1. Write the call number in the book.
    2. Write award notations from YPB slip (for those appearing on the award list) on the title page of the book.
    3. If the book has a dust jacket, place a KEEP JACKET WITH BOOK flag inside the book before placing the book on the labelling truck.