Collection Services: Cataloging


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All music videocassettes are forwarded to Music Resources for cataloging and processing.

Bibliographic Record

  • Catalog according to AACR2 chapter 7.

Vol/Copy Record

  1. Enter VCAS plus the next available accession number in the call number field.
  2. Change class scheme code to ALPHANUM.
  • Special Collections: Create VOL/COPY record with piggyback barcode placed on call number flag.
  • All other locations: Create one VOL/COPY record for each videocassette and place the barcode inside the plastic case.

MARC Holdings Record

  • Create a MARC holdings record according to standards and local policy, if the title is multipart or if the title is mixed format.

Physical Processing

  • Special Collections:Write call number on flag. Place piggyback barcode on flag.
  • All other locations:
    1. Place a label with the location and call number on the videocassette label.
    2. Place the videocassette in its plastic case. All videocassettes are circulated in plastic cases. If one is not supplied, obtain one from the labelling supply area.
    3. If a videocassette for Education Resources is supplied with a cardboard sleeve, rubberband the sleeve to the plastic case.
    4. Send to be labelled.