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Sound Cassettes

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All music sound cassettes, except Education Resources materials, are forwarded to Music Resources for cataloging and processing.

Bibliographic Record

  • Catalog according to AACR2 chapter 6.

Vol/Copy Record

  • Education Resources:
    1. Enter Library of Congress classification number in the call number field.
    2. Change class scheme code to LC.
  • All other locations:
    1. Enter Cassette and the next available accession number in the call number field.
    2. Change class scheme code to ALPHANUM.
      • Special Collections: Place piggyback barcode on call number flag. Create VOL/COPY record(s) with scanned barcode for item ID.
      • All other locations: Create one VOL/COPY record for each sound cassette and place the barcode on the inside back cover of the pambinder.

MARC Holdings Record

  • Create a MARC holdings record, according to standards and local policy, if the title is multipart or if the title is mixed format.

Physical Processing

  • Special Collections: Write call number on flag. Place piggyback barcode on flag.
  • All other locations:
    1. Place a label with the location and call number on the sound cassette label.
    2. Place the sound cassette in its plastic case.
    3. Place the plastic case in a pambinder (obtain from supplies if necessary).
    4. Send to be labelled.