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Assigning Accession Call Numbers

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In WorkFlows, click on Title Maintenance Wizard. Go to Maintain Existing Titles.

Click on the binoculars helper button (Set options for item lookup).

Go to BROWSE tab and change the shelving scheme to ALPHANUM. Click OK.

Do a browse search by call number. Remember, when searching by call number, you must select a specific library, such as MIDL-MAIN, EDUCATION, or DOCS_MICRO.

For computer discs, search under MRDF # or DVD #, such as MRDF 41.
For microforms, search under MICROFILM, MICROFICHE, or MICROCARD #, such as MICROFILM 715.

Choose a record on the search results screen. Once you have a bibliographic record up, then you can use the blue book spine button to search ALL libraries by call number type. After you create a new accession number, do an exact call number search using the blue book to make sure that number is not already being used.

You may want to keep a record of the last number used for future reference.