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Oversize Policy (General Collection)

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This policy applies to monographs housed in the general stacks. It excludes monographs in other locations and all serials. In UNICORN, the oversize designation is indicated by the location OVERSIZE.

The following books are to be designated oversize with the location OVERSIZE:

  1. those over 40 cm. tall or wide in the following categories: all G's, other atlases, N's, TR's, and nonmusic 700's.
  2. those over 35 cm. tall or wide in all other classifications.

Irregularly sized sets will be kept together. Consequently, small volumes of a set that includes oversized volumes will be designated OVERSIZE.

Books presently in the stacks which fall within these parameters and which are not presently designated OVERSIZE will be considered for inclusion in the policy on a title by title basis.