Guidelines for Recording Holdings: Textbook Sets

  • A textbook set includes the student textbooks, as the basic bibliographic units, and all of the secondary bibliographic units (i.e., accompanying material), such as workbooks, blackline masters, and teacher's editions.


  • If you have a set of textbooks with no accompanying material, record the holdings as you would any multivolume set.
  • Student texts: Record these holdings in a single 866 field.
    gr.K-1  gr.2.1-2.3  gr.3-6
  • Accompanying material: Record these holdings in separate 867 fields. Consult the accompanying material guidelines.
    "Teacher's edition" gr.1-6
    "Challenge activities blackline masters" gr.1,gr.3-4
    "Skills practice book" gr.2.1.  gr.3
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