Guidelines for Recording Holdings: Enumeration

  • Numbers: Record all numeric designations using Arabic numbers.
    v. VIII        becomes v.8
    no. Five       becomes no.5
  • Ordinal numbers:


    • English language: Record ordinal numbers in the form 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
      First ed.      becomes 1st ed.
    • Other languages: Record ordinal numbers following the usage of the language. Consult C.G. Allen's A Manual of European Languages for Librarians for the form of ordinal numbers.
      Troisieme      becomes 3e
      Quinto         becomes 5o
  • Alphabetic designations: Record uppercase and lowercase alphabetic data as they appear on the publication (romanized, if necessary).
  • Combined numbering: Separate the numbers or alphabetic designations with a forward slash.
  • Hierarchical level: Record enumeration data from highest hierarchical level to lowest hierarchical level, using a colon to separate each level.
  • Numbered series: Treat series numbering schemes and series captions as the most inclusive level of enumeration data.
  • Alternative numbering (parallel numbering): Record alternative numbering following the regular scheme of enumeration and separated using an equals sign. Remember, the numbering on the right side of the equal sign must be continuously incremental.
  • Enumeration lacking (serial): If part of an otherwise numbered unit lacks enumeration, supply it in square brackes.


  • Enumeration lacking (non-serial): If a multipart non-serial item does not carry enumeration on any part, supply enumeration (along with the appropriate caption). If one or more parts of an otherwise numbered multipart non-serial item lack enumeration, supply the enumeration. Do not use square brackets when supplying the enumeration.
    1st volume is titled "Southern States"
    2nd volume is titled "Northern States"
    Record as:
  • Incorrect enumeration: Record incorrect enumeration as it appears on the publication, with the correct enumeration following in square brackets, preceded by "i.e.". In a compressed statement, the incorrect enumeration is only recorded if it is at the beginning or end of the compressed range.
    v.2[i.e. 3]
    v.3[i.e. 4](1996)-v.6(1998)
  • Unbroken range: Record an unbroken range of holdings using a hyphen between the first and last numeric/alphabetic designation.

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