Guidelines for Recording Holdings: Compression

  • A compressed holdings statement records the first and last parts of range when there is no gap in the holdings.


  • Repeat captions according to guidelines.


  • Compress the holdings at the highest levels of enumeration and chronology whenever possible.


    • If the number of parts per volume is the same, compress at the highest level


      becomes v.1(1976)-v.2(1977)
              v.1:pt.1-4  v.2:pt.1-4  v.3:pt.1-4
      becomes v.1-3
    • If the number of parts per volume differs, do not compress at the highest level. Separate each element by a blank space.


            v.1-2  v.2A  v.3-4  v.4A  v.5
      not   v.1-5
    • When there are gaps in holdings, compress those holdings which are complete



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