Guidelines for Recording Holdings: Captions


  • Record captions or equivalent symbols when they appear on the publication


    • If a serial lacks captions or equivalent symbols, do not supply any. Record the holdings
    • If a non-serial lacks captions or equivalent symbols, supply captions as follows:


      • English - use the sequence v., pt., no.
      • Non-English - use the language's equivalent of the English captions given above


  • Record captions in the vernacular form appearing on the publication (romanized, if necessary). Abbreviate captions according to Appendix B of AACR2. When AACR2 allows an option, use the shortest form (e.g. "v." not "vol.").


    • Abbreviated captions: Do not follow abbreviated captions with a space.
      volume 5        becomes v.5
      tome 7          becomes t.7
    • Unabbreviated captions: Follow unabbreviated captions with a space.
      nmbr 3          remains nmbr 3
      disc 1          remains disc 1
  • For symbols, record the recognized textual equivalent or its abbreviation as the caption.
    §1              becomes sect.1
    #12             becomes no.12
  • For unnumbered series, record the series caption (e.g., "ns" or "n.F.") as the caption for the most inclusive level of enumeration data.


  • For numbered series, record the series numbering scheme and series caption as the most inclusive level of enumeration data.
  • Repeat captions in a range for serial holdings only.


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