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Levels of Cataloging

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All categories of material added to LSU Libraries collections will be searched in OCLC Connexion, with appropriate copy used for cataloging. For those materials not found in OCLC Connexion, Technical Services or Special Collections staff will create full or minimal level rec ords based on the following guidelines.

Full Level

  • Materials in LSU Libraries' collecting strengths (LPM-19: Appendix A) will receive full level cataloging in OCLC Connexion.
  • Exceptions will be made in consultation with the appropriate selector.

Minimal Level

Categories of materials identified as appropriate for minimal level cataloging:
  • Analytics
  • Cat seps
  • Children's literature (except Special Collections and U.S. Civil War Center)
  • Education Resources materials
  • Electronic resources with restricted access
  • Exhibition catalogs
  • LSU College of Design Final Projects/Research Reports
  • LSU Dissertations
  • LSU Theses
  • Selected publications by international bodies (e.g., UN organizations, AGARD)
  • Travel guides

There is one minimal level standard, equivalent to OCLC Connexion Level K (optional fields to be included as needed). That standard is to be applied as follows:

  • LSU theses and Design final projects/research reports will receive minimal level cataloging in UNICORN only with no subject access.
  • LSU dissertations will receive minimal level cataloging in OCLC Connexion with no subject access.
  • LSU theses, dissertations, and Design final projects/research reports will have the name of the department as an added entry and will continue to include "series" access in UNICORN.
  • All other materials will receive minimal level cataloging in UNICORN only, with one subject heading assigned at cataloger's discretion (keyword through title elements being preferred).
  • Materials deemed appropriate for TechPro processing will be cataloged at OCLC Connexion Level K. Some optional fields may be supplied upon negotiation with OCLC Connexion.