Library Classrooms

Policies for Classroom Use

  1. All instructors must agree to the terms of room use.

  2. The electronic classrooms are used primarily for instruction requiring hands-on computer training. This includes:
    • the Libraries' credit course;
    • the Libraries' orientation and subject related instructional and training sessions;
    • academic courses requiring occasional use (up to three class meetings) of an instructional computer lab.
    • training for LSU Faculty, students, and staff requiring hands-on computer applications.

  3. All classes are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. All room reservations must end one hour before the library closes.

  4. Instructors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the classroom equipment prior to the scheduled class time. A brief training session on the use of the equipment may be scheduled by contacting Mike Russo at 578-6823 or
    Detailed instructions are provided when the room keys are picked up.

  5. Priority for use of the rooms will be given to:
    • LIS 1001 classes scheduled; 
    • Library instructional and training sessions;
    • Courses in the College of Education requiring use of an instructional computer lab for up to three sessions;
    • Other academic courses requested by faculty, instructors, and staff;
    • Other requests depending on availability will be assigned with priority given to library faculty/staff in the case of requests received simultaneously.
    • All requests must be submitted two weeks in advance.

  6. Semester-long classes will not be scheduled in these classrooms.

  7. Undergraduates may not reserve the rooms for instructional purposes or serve as instructors in the classrooms, except when the activity for which a room is requested has a faculty sponsor present who accepts responsibility for adhering to the policies and procedures for use of the room.
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