Collaborative Spaces in Middleton Library for Students

Making Reservations

Rooms may be reserved in three ways.
  • ONLINE: Visit
    View available times/locations and reserve your room.
  • PHONE: Call 225-578-2058.
    Library staff will assist you in making a reservation over the phone.
  • IN PERSON: Come to the Circulation Desk on the first floor.
    Library staff will help you make a reservation in person for one of the rooms upstairs.

Group Collaboration Spaces

All group collaboration spaces (GCS) consist of a single computer with a large plasma screen, seating for groups of 4 to 8 people, and collaboration software. The collaboration software allows group members to connect to a session with their laptops via wireless if they choose. Once connected, participants can be granted control of the central computer or share their screens with the group on the large screen. Four mobile white boards with markers are available in Middleton Library Room 141 and two are available in Room 126.


Library Maps

  • 3rd floor (Walk-ups and Reservations)
    There are (4) GCS total on the 3rd floor: rooms 300 T, 300 V, 300 I, and 300 N.
  • 4th floor (Walk-ups and Reservations)
    There are (4) GCS total on the 4th floor: rooms 400 T, 400 V, 400 I, and 400 N.

Presentation Practice Rooms

The presentation practice rooms are configured much like multimedia classrooms, consisting of a lectern, computer, and very large plasma screen. Additionally, video cameras are installed so that students may record themselves delivering their presentations and review their performance at their leisure.


Library Maps

  • 3rd floor (Walk-ups and Reservations)
    There is (1) PPR on the 3rd floor: room 312.
  • 4th floor (Walk-ups and Reservations)
    There is (1) PPR on the 4th floor: room 412.


All room reservations must end one hour before the library closes.

Rooms are available for reservation by current LSU students only. Instructions for faculty on how to reserve a classroom in the library can be found here.

Please note that you are responsible to appear on time for your reservation and you must present your LSU ID with legible writing and photo.

Please also note that you will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment, furniture, or to the room itself during your reservation.

Reservations can be made up to one week in advance. The time limit for a reservation is 3 hours. You cannot make more than one reservation for one room at a time. Reservations made by one person apply to the whole group.

The room will be held for you for fifteen minutes past the reserved time. If you have not arrived by then, it will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis until the time for the next scheduled reservation.

These regulations are subject to change. Their interpretation is at the discretion of the staff member on duty in the stacks office.


IT Help Desk, Middleton Library Room 141, 225-578-3375, for logon questions, or opening a trouble ticket.

Lab Technology and Software Support, Middleton Room 141, 225-578-0008, for assistance with the collaboration and presentation practice equipment.