Appeal Procedure Form

You may use this form to appeal library fines that you feel have been charged to you in error. Please provide specific information about why you feel the fine is erroneous and state the resolution you are requesting. If you are a current LSU employee or student, all communication will be via your official LSU email, even if you list an outside email address in this form. Under most circumstances, the head of Circulation Services will respond to your appeal within 5 working days; however, there may be occasions on which the investigative process will take longer.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution offered in response, please notify the head, who will forward your appeal to the Head of Access Services for review. If the resolution offered by the Head of Access Services is not acceptable, your appeal will be forwarded to the Dean of LSU Libraries, whose decision on the matter is final. The time limit for filing an appeal is two years after the due date of the item(s).

The following circumstances will not be accepted as grounds for filing an appeal:
  • Lack of knowledge of library policy
  • Lack of understanding of library policy
  • Inability to pay fines and charges
  • Failure to receive a courtesy renewal notice or an overdue notice
  • Cases in which you loaned materials charged to you to a classmate, family member, faculty member, etc., who failed to return them.

As a reminder, you may pay your fine either in person or online by logging in to your account at and clicking on "Renew/Review my Materials." Please be aware that failure to pay library fines by the beginning of the next semester will cause them to be added to that semester's fee bill. Graduating seniors who owe library fines may not be permitted to graduate, and their grades will be held until the fines are paid.

Fields marked with an (*) MUST be filled out or selected.

Appeal Information