LSU Libraries
Office of the Dean

LSU Libraries Library Policy Memorandum 27
Revision 2
Revision Approved by Dean's Council, March 31, 1998
Reviewed and Revised by Dean's Council, August 27, 2002

Subject: Use of Middleton Library Facilities

Purpose: To establish policy and procedures for using Middleton Library meeting and classrooms.


    General: The meeting rooms and the regular and electronic classrooms in Troy H. Middleton Library are intended for activities and functions that are related to or support the mission of the LSU Libraries. These include functions related to the internal affairs of the Libraries (Libraries committees and task forces, staff development workshops); to library instruction (for credit course and one-shot sessions); and for hands-on electronic resources instruction (general faculty and Libraries one-shot sessions.) Libraries facilities are not intended to supplement or compete with the meeting and banquet facilities available in the LSU Union, the Faculty Club, or the Lod Cook Hotel. The LSU Libraries has a separate policy (LPM 5) for the use of the Hill Memorial Library.

    All use of Middleton facilities must be scheduled in advance.

    The use of Middleton Library facilities will be permitted only during scheduled Library hours.

    The areas within Middleton Library designated "Computer Labs" [109 & 241] are administered and maintained by Information Technology Services (578-3700.)

    Faculty and staff of the LSU Libraries may use the meeting rooms in Middleton Library for activities and functions related to the Libraries' mission, including such events as meetings of Libraries committees and task forces, library instruction courses, and staff development workshops, simply by scheduling the use of the facilities with the appropriate office (see below). They may also use these facilities for LSU or other library committees on which they serve.

    Non-library functions and events: The facilities of the Middleton Library generally are not made available for non-library functions. However, exceptions for the use by University units and groups will be made on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the terms of PS-82. Requests from University units or groups (without library members) to use Middleton Library facilities must be submitted in writing at least one week in advance of the event to the Assistant/Associate/Dean of Libraries. Prior to submitting a request it is advisable to check on the availability of the requested facility with the appropriate office. Office staff may tentatively place the event on the calendar, subject to subsequent review and approval. Requests to use Libraries facilities must include the following information: 1) name of the unit or group sponsoring the activity; 2) facility requested; 3) date/time for which the facility is requested; 4) purpose of request. The Dean's Office will notify the individual or group in writing of the disposition of the request.

    Fees may be assessed for non-library use of Middleton Library facilities in cases where additional security and/or custodial staff are required as a result of a scheduled function.

    When requests are approved, it remains the responsibility of the sponsoring unit or group to work with the staff of the appropriate area of Middleton Library to confirm scheduled use of the facility, and to make all necessary arrangements prior to the event. Rooms should be left clean after their use. Failure to comply with the above policies and procedures will result in rejection of subsequent requests to use Middleton Library facilities.

    Classrooms: Two electronic classrooms 230E and 232 in Middleton Library are designated for general classroom use and may be scheduled for semester long use through the Office of the University Registrar (578-1686.)

    The Middleton Library regular and electronic classrooms 230A, 230B, and 230C are managed and scheduled by the Middleton Reference Services Department. The regular classroom 230C is used to support instruction in library services and information resources (Libraries' for credit course (LIS 1001) and one-shot sessions relating to library and information resources); generally they are not available for non-library classes. The electronic classrooms 230A and 230B serve the same purposes but may be scheduled by library faculty for one-shot sessions for hands-on instruction in electronic resources. The calendar of availability and the policies for classroom use are available in Middleton Reference Department and appear on the Libraries' web site (

    In semesters when electronic classrooms 230A and 230B are not needed after 5:00 P.M. for Library instruction, instructors meeting classes at these times may schedule for-credit, academic courses requiring hands-on computer instruction in these classrooms for an entire semester. Such classes must be scheduled through the Office of the University Registrar.

    Requests to schedule sessions outside these times (weekend, late evening) must be submitted to the Assistant/Associate/Dean of Libraries.

    Food and beverages are not permitted in the classrooms.

    Conference/Meeting Rooms: The Dean's Conference Room and Room 30 Conference Room are restricted to use by Library staff for library business. They may not be scheduled by non-library staff. Room 30 Conference Room may be scheduled through the Room 30 reception desk (578-6897); the Dean's Conference Room must be scheduled through the Dean's Office (578-2217.)

    Group Study Rooms on the Third and Fourth floors may be scheduled from the Stack Offices on the respective floors for study purposes for use of two or more individuals. The rooms may not be scheduled for the group for more than three hours a day. Group Study Rooms may be reserved up to twenty-fours in advance of the desired time of use.