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Graduate Assistant Supervisor's Handbook

For more specific information on any topic, please refer to the LSU Libraries Graduate Assistant Handbook, LSU Policy Statement 21.


  • There is an application form on the web site. Paper application forms are available at the Middleton Room 295 desk. A Social Security Number is required; applications without one will be destroyed. This is because an SSN is required for processing of paperwork to appoint.
  • Completed applications are kept in the office of the GA Coordinator for supervisors to review. Applications for GA positions in the LSU Libraries are accepted year round, and are retained for approximately one year from submission.
  • Applications for special positions, such as those funded by the Civil War Center, the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History, the Goodrich-Taylor position, and grant-funded positions may be solicited and retained by the supervisor, as long as the GA Coordinator is informed.


During the middle of the semester, each supervisor should have an informal conference with each GA. This opportunity can be used to resolve any problems that may have arisen, as well as to praise and give other feedback.

Employing units are responsible for providing each GA with an annual written evaluation. This evaluation must be reviewed by the GA and one signed copy must be placed in the student's departmental file. Near the end of each Fall and Spring semester, the supervisor makes this formal evaluation of the GA's performance consisting of several questions on a five step rating scale. The form is on the web page. The supervisor will schedule a conference with the GA to discuss the evaluation form and offer constructive advice to aid the GA in the future. An unsatisfactory evaluation can result in the termination of the appointment for a GA.


Files on each GA are kept for several years in the Library Office, 295 Middleton: Application, Appointment Notice Form, Appointment Letter, Timesheets, other correspondence.


When ready to be hired, graduate assistants must check in with the GA Coordinator to see what forms must be filled out.

    Fully completed Appointment Notice Form is required from the Supervisor.

    Other forms are listed on the web; most are available there. Some are only available in print from the GA Coordinator.

    • Note: The I-9 form must be brought in person to the GA Coordinator to examine the two required identification documents (usually driver's license and Social Security Card). The LSU International Services Office (ISO) does this with international students.

    If a GA has previously been a Student Assistant or GA, then s/he will not need to fill out forms again. A Drug-Free Workplace form is the only new one required.

    International students must also present a Work Permit issued by the campus ISO.

    Once all the necessary documents have been received, the GA Coordinator checks eligibility:

    • To be sure the student is not on another unit's payroll; HRM will not allow appointment by the new unit until the previous one has separated the student. If the student is on another payroll, approval to work will not be given until this situation is resolved. The student is responsible for notifying the other department. If the student works for the Libraries, the new Libraries supervisor should out of courtesy notify the previous one. The previous one is the one who must notify Administrative Services to separate the student assistant.
    • To be sure the student is registered full time (9 hours each fall and spring; 6 hours in summer).

    Once eligibility is confirmed, approval to work is sent via email to the Supervisor. The GA is not allowed to work until this is received.

    GA Coordinator will notify library staff who are responsible for: budgets, listserv, files, logon accounts.

  • GA appointments are usually for one year, and automatically renewed unless the supervisor notifies the GA Coordinator.
  • The Coordinator will usually confirm the reappointment with the supervisor prior to processing.
  • The supervisor should notify the GA Coordinator as soon as any change in GA position is planned (hire, graduate, quit, etc.)
  • The supervisor should notify the GA Coordinator as soon as possible if the GA is fired, quits, or becomes ineligible to work. If the GA is fired, the reason should be given. The Libraries will not hire a student or GA who has been fired from another Libraries unit.
  • If the GA Coordinator is notified first, s/he will notify the supervisor before processing any paperwork.
  • If a GA is graduating, the last day for which s/he can be on payroll is the date of Commencement.
  • A Change of Address form should be submitted before departing the University.

Each GA supervisor's Assistant/Associate Dean must keep GA Coordinator informed if GA supervision will change.


    The form for the monthly time sheet is available on the web.

    • The GA should write the hours worked next to each date, followed by the number of hours worked, and the cumulative hours worked that month. If s/he does not work on a specific date, that line should be skipped.
    • At the end of the month, the GA should write the final monthly cumulative hours, sign the sheet, and give it to the supervisor.
    • The supervisor is responsible for submitting it to the GA Coordinator no later than the 7th of the following month.
    • Need GA Name, SSN, Department, Date, and supervisor's signature.
    • GA's are not allowed to work more than 6 hours without a 30 minute signed out break
  • Cumulative time spreadsheets are printed by the GA Coordinator at the time of hire, and may be requested at any other time.
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