Appointing Student Assistants

  1. Once you have selected a student, Fill out a Student Assistant Appointment Notice.( SharePoint site. Available only to LSU Library Staff) and send the student to the Room 30 front desk, with instructions to contact Heather Mann.

  2. We will need to see the student’s driver’s license and their social security card when we collect their appointment notice. They will receive an email notification to fill out tax forms and direct deposit information.

    • PLEASE NOTE:  Online tax forms will NOT be available on the same day students turn in their appointment notice to us. Please allow a few days’ turn-around time for these forms to be loaded to the student’s PAWS account.
    • If students have questions about how to fill out their tax forms, they must contact the Payroll office at 578-3321. 
  3. Administrative Services will contact you when the student has been approved to work, or regarding any problems with the student’s appointment.
  4. Once you receive approval, the student can begin working.