Reporting Facilities Problems

Facility Emergencies Only:
M-F 8:00 - 4:30
Inga Commardelle 578-7319
All other Times of Day:
Facility Service Work Control 578-3186 578-2327

  • When reporting problems, please state the room number and exact description.
  • Remember to report non-emergency problems via email.

Contact: Inga Commardelle
Contact: Amanda Knippers
Clocks need resetting Email
Door handles loose or falling off Email
Door locks brokenEmail
Door locks need to be changed and have keys made Email
Elevators stuckEmail
Elevators stuck with someone inside Call
Spills or trip hazards Call
Floors need mopping and waxing Email
Front entrance doors not working properly Call
Graffiti needs cleaning Email
Light bulbs out (state how many) Email
Recurring problems that never seem to get fixed Prefer Email
Restrooms have major flood or stopped up toilet Call
Restrooms have minor overflow or stopped up toilet Email
Restrooms need cleaning Email
Restrooms need toilet paper, paper towels, or soap Email
Room temperature too hot or too cold Email
Water leaking from ceiling or seeping in through floor Call
Furniture IssuesEmail