Emergency Response Procedures

Please review the following safety evacuation and emergency response procedures. Especially review with any new students and employees. Staying aware and alert is very important in this public building. Feel free to print this out for everyone to read.

  1. Please make sure that workers know the best possible evacuation routes which they can use to also help patrons out of the building. Show them the location of fire exits at all four corners of the building, as well as pull stations located at the emergency stairwell exits and in the lobby areas of all floors.
  2. Remember that this building's fire alarm system is not always audible in all parts of the building, have a plan where workers know how to cover all areas of the floor to make sure that patrons are made aware that they must evacuate.
  3. The building is equipped with a manual alarm system, no smoke detectors or sprinklers, if you discover an occurrence of a fire, please proceed to the nearest pull station and activate the alarm. As soon as it is possible and safe, let someone in authority know the source of the problem and location.
  4. If you go out the fire stairwell exits remember to depress the red emergency alarm handle first then push the metal panic bar below it "in and forward" to get the door open.
  5. In the event of an evacuation, once outside, please help to keep people far enough away from the building, especially in the front.
Here is a link outlining Response to Fire and Fire Alarms:

Basic Safety Response Emergency Procedures

Here are some links to some common safety emergencies. Please become familiar with the procedures, and as soon as reasonably possible following the incident call the Rm. 30 front desk 8-6897 or the Library Office 8-2217.
Response to Accidents Causing Injuries

Response to Bomb Threats

Response to Threatening Individuals

Safety In Your Immediate Work Area
  1. At all times keep walk ways, door ways and emergency exits free of obstructions.
  2. Periodically check batteries in flash lights and bull horns. Order batteries from SUPPLY if needed.
  3. Keep purses, wallets, and keys out of sight and locked up if possible. Provide student workers a safe place to put their book bags. Small lockers with combination locks are available. Contact Amanda Knippers if you need some.
  4. Routinely check to make sure that any unoccupied rooms, offices, storage closets, and the smaller plumbing/mechanical rooms(especially in Rm 53) in your immediate area are locked. If your department needs a key for these rooms to keep them locked up, contact Amanda Knippers.
  5. Periodically check extension cords and power strips. If they are old, or look damaged in anyway, order new ones from SUPPLY immediately. Here is a link for Guidelines for Extension Cords: